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Sommer Canvas

Sommer Canvas is a custom design portrait studio located near the Huron River just northwest of downtown Ann Arbor. We are passionate about fine art photography and artistic portraiture, and create beautiful images that are captivating. Our residential studio offers clients a very relaxed and comfortable environment for creative studio work or stunning outdoor photography. Studio hours are by appointment only, so please call ahead or email to schedule your consultation or appointment.

Our Team

Fay Sommer is a photographic artist with a love for creating in the moment and telling stories through images. Fay easily combines traditional, photojournalist and fashion style photography to provide
clients with fresh and revealing images that are simply astonishing.

Mark Stettler is a romantic, a great comedian and the "photographic engineer" behind Sommer Canvas. Mark pulls together studio sets,
keeps equipment running, captures the light and captures some absolutely awesome images in his spare moments.